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Comment number 7

Marrakesh. The sun leaves the sky quickly. House martins ransack the sky; there are so many they look like flies. From the main square Jama El F'Na comes the sound of drums. Acrobats, teeth-pullers, bears on chains descend. The stalls release steam from their couscous piles and the orange sellers in white coats turn on their strings of lightbulbs. Tourists come to eat, gawp at the belly-dancers and the snake-charmers while the local men catch the seven o'clock prayer, unhooking their babouches and following the minaret's wail. The mules and the horses feed. City cats slink into the shadows looking for scraps or a place to sleep. The sky turns orange, turns black. The bouganvilliae close. Night falls.

feedback from Laura Bridgeman


Comment number 6

I truly love this part of the day, everything in the natural world is beautiful. The birds twittering, bats diving, the flowers glow and get all zingy.

I never want the dusk to end but surely it's so good too because it's transitory?

Wish I could put it in a bottle.

feedback from Patrick Brown


Comment number 5

Walking at dusk the other day, seeing scarlet geraniums, pink roses, blue lavender in the gardens I passed, I was reminded once again of how vibrant colours become at that point in the day - vibrant but opaque, as if they no longer have light in them, and are offering a last bold statement before we can no longer seem them.

feedback from Rachel Gomme


Comment number 4

Dusk is a transitional state from light to darkness. It is meditative.

In Swedish we have a saying 'to huddle dusk'.  I have heard it from old fishermen in the Stockholm archipelago. It stems from old times when work wasn't possible any longer because of lack of light.  You laid your work down and looked out of the window and followed the darkening process in all its stages.

Pär Lagerkvist a well known Swedish author, who also got the Nobel Prize, has written a poem which I can’t cite but only give some crudely translated sentences from.  It has been a companion, comforting, enlightening in the description of beauty and loss, our shared conditions of life and death. I haven't thought of this before; I have just rested in the words, rhythms and pictures.

It is most beautiful when dusk falls 'Det är vackrast när det skymmer'

All heavenly love is collected over the earth
All is tenderness, all is caressed by hands
God himself obliterates shores far away
All is close and all is far away
All is given us as loan
All is mine, and all will be taken from me
One day all will be taken away from me
I shall walk alone without traces

(inspired by today’s article in the Times)

feedback from Martha Tippler Berg


Comment number 3

It is a time where man made enables man made. Man made lights wake and allow us to really see man made things. It is where man is guided around by his man made plans and man makes mankind usually when he is allowed a little darkness.

feedback from Vanessa Coombe


Comment number 2

Dusk always freaks me out.

I can't see and I can see at the same time. It makes my eyes seem wrong. But it's also a beautiful space in between and a moment to savour and contemplate. I have missed experiencing dusk for a while as now I have a child who requires my attention to be on him at that hour.

London has some key dusk memories for me... watching Derek Jarman's film Blue on the wall on the south bank... sitting on a train home.... standing on Blackfriars station looking along the river, waiting.

Even though I am having a pause from 'dusk' of course it will always be there.

The most exciting thing about experiencing dusk is that you never know when and where you will be able to relish it again.

feedback from Binita Walia

FRIDAY, JUNE 14, 2006

Comment number 1

This is how evenings begin, with the vague comfort of dusk that hovers between being and not being, descending to justify the city's cooling lava of a day.

At dusk, the evening hesitates to embrace the night - the worst things can take place while the city is dreaming. But dreaming, it shall will them away and wake again to a clean, hard, beautiful day.

feedback from Sladjana Vujovic